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Discouraged?  Downtrodden?  Fearful?  Lonely?  Lost your faith?  Need a spiritual boost?

In you will discover joy, positivity, friends and meaning.

  • 30 fast-paced, daily stories about women, men and children who have found the secret to finding a faith that fills.
  • Written by a renown scholar and award-winning author, this devotional will introduce you to those who have had the greatest impact on the world since the Apostle Paul. Banner with man holding

For a FREE CHAPTER click (BOOK ©Whitesel EXCERPT – ENTHUSIAST Day 1 Plucked from the Fire) to download an excerpt of the lessons learned by a young mother as she watched in horror as a house fire almost engulfed her six-year-old son, Jacky.

Watch the author (below) read a short devotional about how John Wesley overcame early failures (or click HERE to watch).

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Discover the Passion You’ve Longed For …

Many Christians drift through life never realizing that there is more to faith than attending church. Though they have been baptized, have never experienced the white-hot passion that characterized the lives of the apostle Peter, Martin Luther, and other great leaders throughout history.

Follow Dr. Bob Whitesel on a 30-day journey to ignite your passion for sharing the good news, growing deeper in your spiritual life, and impacting the world by loving others.

Enthusiast! examines the remarkable life and legacy of John and Charles Wesley, the brothers who were derisively labeled as “fanatic” and “methodical” but who went on to influence more Christians than any leader since the apostle Paul.

Get Enthusiast! and you will—

  • Discover the childlike faith that will release you from fear of the future.
  • Embrace the accountability of a small group, strengthening you to say no to sin.
  • Come to see all people as God’s children, arousing your passion for social justice.
  • Gain enthusiasm for sharing your faith, making a direct impact on your community.
  • Finally embrace the purpose for which you were created!

Become an “enthusiast” and your faith will never be the same!

Reading this devotional journey from Bob Whitesel might change your life. It is challenging, but also encouraging and enabling. Bob makes it clear being an enthusiast is not just for the few, but is available to all followers of Jesus.
—Canon Dave Male, national advisor for Pioneer Development for the Church of England

Bob Whitesel DMin, PhD is one of the nation’s most awarded church health and growth coaches. He holds two earned doctorates from Fuller Theological Seminary, is the receipt of both Donald McGavran Awards for leadership and scholarship, the founding professor of a fully-accredited seminary and has authored over a dozen nationally published books and hundreds of articles.

Follow him on Twitter at @BobWhitesel, discover resources to lead your organization to growth at www.Leadership.Church and join over 200 students in his courses at

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